Monday, May 21, 2012

Karaf SCR Components

Hi All,

A while back I submitted a collection of SCR command and management components to the Apache Karaf project that were ultimately incorporated into the Karaf 3 trunk.  They have been added to the Karaf 3 Feature XML also so you can look for it in the feature list.  The components provide the ability to list, stop, start and get the details on currently loaded SCR components in the container.  There are also a small set of examples that I will be writing about here in the near future on simplifying OSGi development using SCR and the BND Annotations for SCR & Metatype.

Now while this is great for those of us that use SCR it is currently only available in the Karaf 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT and as such, is not backwards compatible with the Karaf 2 releases.  To remedy that I have released a couple of versions for Karaf 2 out on github under my karaf-sandbox project.

Currently I have created versions that are directly compatible with versions 2.2.5 & 2.2.7 as there were changes between them that broke the compatibility.  They can be found in branches of the same name.

I will be changing the trunk over to create a version for Karaf 2.3 soon so make sure you use what is in the branches and not in trunk.


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